Welcome to Kabinks Music Promotions!

**2014 !!!!

We LOVE live music! If you are playing in the greater Philadelphia area (PA, NJ, DE) we can;

  • Film your show using multiple HD cameras, gopro, separate wav audio, still photography
  • Edit the footage with professional software
  • Upload videos of the songs you choose to Youtube
  • Send you the audio, photos, and finished videos
All for free !!! We only ask for admittance to the performance and permission from the venue to setup tripods, etc.

Every concert has performances - great musical moments - that must be preserved at all costs!

As an creative photographer/videographer and music lover, my passion is going to live shows and capturing the raw experience. After 'post-processing,' I upload my videos to my YouTube page and my photos to Facebook, or the bands can receive all raw and complete material by mail if they prefer.

Just to be clear- I don't sign or hire bands, and I don't ask for payment for my work. Part of my passion is helping independent or new bands get exposure. I also work for the fans of established bands who allow photographs/video.

Contact me and invite me to your favorite local bands' or your own next performance!


See more at my YouTube page